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Does reading actually make you smarter? I feel smarter on the days I read more than on the days I don't read much.


Depends what you’re reading

but yes.

 so many people don’t read anything that reading immediately puts you a step ahead in almost every important facet of life

It’s worth a try, people.

Sorry, The Presidential Salute Isn't A Real Thing

But here’s the issue: There’s no regulation that stipulates presidents must salute the troops. In fact, for the first 192 years of our republic, it didn’t happen. None of the first 38 commanders in chief did it. And some of those dudes had some serious military experience. Eisenhower? Grant? I mean, Teddy Roosevelt was a war hero. Surely he felt compelled to click his heels together and cut a perfect knife-handed salute when he passed a uniform service member, right? Wrong. It was literally something that Ronald Reagan made up one day.

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#firstlinelastline: Mashup the first line of a novel with the last line of another


Yesterday Matt Thomas tweeted a mashup of the first line from The Old Man and the Sea and the last line of The Great Gatsby. Then he tweeted one with the first line of Moby-Dick and the last line of Gravity’s Rainbow. I thought this mashup needed to become a genre, so I…

I’m digging some of these results.



Dino VallsBarathrum, 2003